Hey there, would you like to talk about aspects?

This is an index for my posts analyzing aspects and titles, which are probably why you’re here. The genesis of this project was my inability to decide which shirt to buy, and it will continue until I decide, or until I run out of things to say.


-Sollux Captor, the Mage of Doom: The path, at a price.

-Mituna Captor, the Heir of Doom: 'He can bend the rules.. and he's got just a few cheat codes for you'


-Meenah Peixes, the Thief of Life (with mentions of Feferi Peixes, the Witch of Life, and Jane Crocker, the Maid of Life):  Life finds a way.

-Jane Crocker, the Maid of Life:  The Waste Land (They Wait)

Light and Void

-Rose Lalonde, the Seer of Light: Aspects and inversions

Blood and Rage

-Karkat Vantas and Gamzee Makara: The Knight of Blood and the Bard of Rage.


-Eridan Ampora, the Prince of Hope: To hope is to believe and What did the angels tell Eridan?

-Jake English, the Page of Hope: [minor] Believing is doing


The dancestors and their titles (Heart, Void, Light, Hope)