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Dirk’s unbreakable sword and the Matter of France

Dirk and Bro both wield unbreakable swords.  As it so happens, there exists a legendary sword that could not be broken.  It is named Durandal, or Durendal, the sword of Roland in the Matter of France (the tales of Charlemagne and his paladins).  Perhaps in some way Dirk is even associated with the Matter of France, as his brother Dave is with the Matter of Britain (Arthurian tales).  

If that’s the case, I think Dirk will eventually alchemize a sword using a code provided by a cherub: in the Song of Roland, Durandal is brought to Charlemagne (who then gives it to Roland) by an angel. (!)  

Which angel (“how does it know which angel to use”)?  My money is on Calliope, whose past self we haven’t heard the last of yet.  We will hear from her probably at least twice more: once shortly after they enter and Roxy blacks out the session permanently, where Calliope will learn that "beyond a certain point, we simply mUst commUnicate in the dark", and once to provide Jake with the codes for Liv Tyler’s weapons:

GT: Theres the matter of the rabbits armaments. 
GT: I dont imagine hell do a lot of friggin good in helping grandfather crocker from kicking the old bucket without them. 
GT: Did you not say youd supply these? 
UU: i did indeed say so! 
UU: and have already done. 
GT: You did?? 
GT: When? 
UU: in yoUr fUtUre. 
UU: i relayed the information enabling yoU to create the powerfUl weaponry yoUrself. 

She doesn’t say she that’s all she’ll give Jake… perhaps she’ll be able to provide her friends with a few codes for their own use.  If her pistol has a code, Jake could use it; Ahab’s Crosshairs is already useable by Roxy; and Jane should really switch to a weapon that isn’t part of the Condesce’s brainwashing plan:

You love your fancy spoon. It has several million recipes stored in it, and walks you through each step with a soothing female robot voice, just like in science fiction. Some urban legends say that the device also broadcasts subliminal messages distributing OMINOUS CROCKERCORP PROPAGANDA, but you don’t put any stock in that sort of baloney for a second. 

And for Dirk?  I’ve been hoping since the moment Bro’s sword could not be broken that his sword was, or would one day be, Durandal: the weapon that allowed Roland to hold off innumerable foes long enough for Charlemagne’s army to retreat to safety.  (The cost was his life.  Let’s hope the parallel is a loose one.)

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