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Aspects: What did the angels tell Eridan?

What would you say if I said a vengeful boy on a path of nihilism was taken under the wings of fearsome angels, and learned to destroy hope with their light?

I’ve covered the “path of nihilism" part; let’s try to break down the rest.  Taken under the wings of fearsome angels?  Eridan just killed them, didn’t he?…

Eridan’s Land was full of angels, and they bothered him terribly.  He thought they were much worse than anything anyone else had to deal with.

Eridan’s melodramatic, sure, and he exaggerates, but he doesn’t just make things up.  Plus, he isn’t THAT stupid… why did he spend the bulk of their 600+ hour session fighting them?  Aggroing a few without knowing they didn’t drop grist might be understandable, but continuing to aggro and fight THOUSANDS of them?  Why was Eridan so dedicated to killing them?

Let’s start by asking: what were they?

But I think we can be more specific than that.  Their silhouettes have the distinctive shape and long, trailing tail that characterizes most of the browser / denizen icons.  It also characterizes denizen minions.

Grandpa Harley shot a butterfly.  I don’t think he much cares whether his quarry is supposed to be hunted down!  And if they were Abraxas minions, or something similar, no wonder they weren’t easy to kill.  But that doesn’t explain why Eridan hated them so much.

This does: the angels spoke to him.

They told him about Lord English.

Uniquely qualified not just because of his title, but also because he was the only one to hear the angels’ prophecies.  He was the only one who knew.  He just mistook one indestructible demon for another, that’s all.  An easy mistake to make.

But what exactly did they tell him?  Why was he so sure there was no hope in resisting the lord of all angels?  And for that matter, why did he think it was possible to defect to him, and to survive by serving him?  His “date with Jack Noir” was never meant to be a fight.

What did the angels tell Eridan?  Did they tell him that his destiny was to die unmourned?  Is that why he was eager to forge a new one, eager to reject fate?

Or did they tell him that when the lord of all angels came calling, he’d have only two choices: resist and die, or submit and survive? 

Eridan thought the angels were prophesying Jack’s rampage through their session, but their lord is called English.  Alpha timeline Eridan ought to be in a dream bubble, right now.  A dream bubble not unlike the one we just saw Lord English destroy.  Maybe the angels were prophesying an encounter that Eridan hasn’t had yet…

(A thought experiment: doomed timeline God Tier Feferi and Eridan were on LOWAA.  Maybe it wasn’t just someone caring enough to visit him that ‘saved’ that Eridan.

Maybe it was not having to listen to those angels alone.)

Oh, and all four B2 players are about to enter their session and step together into the Land of the Noble of Hope.  I rather expect angels.  They haven’t bowed to a Prince, yet.

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