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The Ultimate Reward

What kind of prize do they want to make?  How about this kind:

Representatives of three species, building something new from memories of what they’ve lost.  Can Universe.

The emblem PM chooses is even near-identical to the emblem of the Light aspect.  Only the color is different (and white happens to be the associated color of Act 7…)

PM wasn’t intended to wear the ring and hunt down Jack herself.  WQ, in her role as advisor, suggested the Mayor should be the one to wear it.

In his dream, the Mayor wore a fine official sash featuring the white-sun emblem, connecting that symbol with his mayorship of Can Town:

And as soon as the ring-transformation begins, look what happens to it.  Even though the sword would really be positioned lower, it pierces his sash, right through the white sun.

Then it isn’t a white sun anymore, and that’s not the worst of it.

And the white sun turned green; it seems safe to say that wearing the ring isn’t the road to escaping the Green Sun’s influence, which Calliope says is the goal.

Rings of power seem downright fucking inimical to Can Universe, in fact.

PM probably can’t get away with wearing the ring much longer, either, not if she wants to remain a Parcel Mistress.

Words slough from the busy mind like a useless dead membrane as a more visceral sapience takes over. Something simpler is in charge now, a force untouched by the concerns and burdens of the upright, that farcical yoke the bipedal tow.

PM can abdicate by taking off her ring, much as the White Queen did before her.  In Can Universe, she can be the Parcel Mistress she wants to be, instead.  She’ll defend the light of knowledge, ensure the free flow of information, carry the conduits of freedom and liberty.  A Queen rules over others, but a mail carrier distributes information.  It’s a little like how a Lord gives orders..

..but a Muse inspires you to choose for yourself.

The Mayor is woken from his nightmare vision, and by - who else? - a Hero of Light, with heavy visual emphasis on the Light symbol.

And Democracy has a Light, as well - a Light that is threatened by the tyrannical power of the ring.

Sooner or later, PM must remove the ring or risk becoming a ‘tyrant less an eye and arm.’

Can Town had one other citizen besides the Mayor and the Parcel Mistress - the one whose shoes, in fact, PM is presently trying to fill.

You can rest in peace, AR.  It’s a dirty job, but it won’t go undone when PM abdicates:  the human and the troll who’ve been building models of Democratic Can Town with its Mayor aren’t just the troll and human whose friendship allowed the trolls and humans to find out about each other in the first place. 

Together, I think they can fill AR’s shoes.

And the miracle of a new beginning won’t be complete without one last thing.  Seeing doomed-timeline-god-tier Eridan, and meeting Cronus, suggests that Eridan was capable of something better and that he could have been even worse.  We’re obviously being encouraged to feel some attachment for at least a few of the Pre-Scratch trolls, and to understand that given another chance under another set of circumstances they might have been capable of more.

Some of their Alternian incarnations don’t seem to have been assholes, but on Alternia they all lived into adulthood.  On Beforus, they never finished growing up.

Their dead-but-dreaming afterlife is weirdly physical and even ‘normal’ - they eat ghost snacks, they do ghost laundry, Mituna wears a helmet to protect his damaged brain from, what, ghost concussions? -and they have it courtesy a set of Lovecraftian void-gods.

That is not dead which can eternal lie
And with strange aeons, even death may die.

If anyone who joins the ghost army manages to avoid double death, there should be a place in the new universe for them, too.

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